The Blanket

My mom passed away in April / 2013, two days after my sons 5th birthday.

There are 5 of us in my family. 1 sister 3 brothers and then after a long break…… me, the baby. My mom waited a long, long time for me to have kids. She loved having babies around the house, It made the holidays better she said. When i had my son everything about it was text book, he came and life changed. My mom adored him, and he adored her. He still often talks about his Oma, i know he hurts. My mom was a crocheter and knitter. She made beautiful things and felt gifts made by hand where the best kind. My son got a yellow and white blanket.

Me and my husband went for it, another child, a sibling and hopefully a forever best friend for our son. When i lost the first baby, my mom told me she had started a blanket. As tough as i know my mom was, she was sad and hurt. She suffered the loss of babies as well and i know she was hurt that, i, her baby, had to go through that kind of pain. We tried again, second loss. When i got pregnant with my daughter, my mom said she was going to wait to make one for her, it was a rocky pregnancy.When my mom brought my son into the delivery room shortly after she was born i remember hearing her say “i can breathe again” Meaning she held her breath for her.  She had mentioned that she had a blanket for her, but that was all that was said. My mom got sick and all else waited and the little things where not important. After a horrible battle my mom was gone.

When i went over to help my brother clean out some of my moms things and  i found this blanket in a bag, i brought it home for Madz. I hope my mom can see how much she loves it. I will keep it safe for my daughter, Madelyn,  to one day give it to her baby.

Mom, I wish you could of spent more time with my kids. IMG_0726IMG_0733IMG_0741IMG_0736IMG_0751IMG_0759IMG_0763IMG_0760IMG_0773IMG_0774IMG_0777

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21 thoughts on “The Blanket

  1. Awww Chrissy that made my heart hurt.That is a beautiful blanket and I’m sure your Moms spirit is always with you and your kids.

  2. Chrissy, this is so beautiful. The blanket, your daughter, the images, the words, your evident love for your mother. What a beautiful project and what a gorgeous presentation. I hope you will print these and put them somewhere special for you, to remind you of your mother, of your shared loss, and of your important and aching tribute to her.

    1. Thank you Kelly. This post, like most of mine, was a personal post.. but this one was different. Thank you for sharing your feelings with me and taking the time to leave your comment. I appreciate it.

  3. Seriously… In tears! Such a sweet story and how wonderful that your mother made something like these for people special to her. Very sweet…

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