Christmas in February.

For Kaleb and Madz Christmas presents from grandpa and grandma Jo came in the last week of January. GIFT CARDS. The last week and a half we all had the flu and didn’t want to get out of the bed never mind the house. But anyone knows with kids the flu doesn’t mean much when you have a TOYS R US gift card. Kaleb waited ever so patiently for all of us to feel somewhat human. Today was the day, lets go! OH, the choices, the mass amount of colourful things to choose from… the decisions. Madz was on the hunt for Dora like i knew she would. Kaleb has been eyeballing the new batman DS3 game, did i say that right? We have a happy household. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Jo!




IMG_5002IMG_5005IMG_5013IMG_5008IMG_5010IMG_5011IMG_5016IMG_5018IMG_5019IMG_5027 IMG_5036IMG_5038IMG_5053 IMG_5058

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