stepping out of the city and into nature

Stepping out of the city and into some nature, just where my kids belong. On a scavenger hunt looking for all things beautiful, with no hunt list. We looked and explored until we found things that caught our eye. I will tell you it was lots of wild flowers, rocks and some spare change that they couldn’t wait to get in their piggy banks. Really it was a day to appreciate what this world can offer, just to be out an breathe the fresh air and soak in the warm sun, the warmth we have been craving for months. We are trying to be less organized and take more risks and not having a proper scavenger hunt list went against everything I am, but it sure felt good. Take life as it comes, take the good with the bad but always try to remember there is beauty everywhere as long as you want to see it.

IMG_9092 IMG_9105 IMG_9103 IMG_9117IMG_9123 IMG_9167 IMG_9233 IMG_9229IMG_9230 IMG_9227 IMG_9224IMG_9213 IMG_9161 IMG_9191


IMG_9171 IMG_9174 IMG_9203


IMG_9104 IMG_9256 IMG_9241IMG_9274IMG_9276-2

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