10 on 10 Canadian Edition //July// 2014

At day at the duck pond.

My son has a way with animals, even most bugs, they love him and it’s not uncommon for them to flock to him. Friends and family have joked about him being the next croc hunter or Dr. Doolittle, but I don’t think they are far off. He has a connection with them that my daughter does not have, but she tries oh so hard. While these ducks and geese are so used to humans and humans feeding them they still act a bit jumpy. But then there is my son, crouched down at their level patiently waiting for them to feel comfortable. When they are comfortable they walk over find the food in his hand and nibble away all while he pets them and talks to them. Usually a crowd will form and you hear peoples whispers and the pointing, sometimes they will say something to me, something like “aren’t you scared they will hurt your son? he is so close” or “your son has a connection that I have never seen before”. When I ask my son why he thinks animals love him so much he says “because they know I love them.”

Lately I have watched my son and I have noticed a few things, some things I knew before, but some things are just coming to the light. He is a (2x gold medal winning) Martial Artist  , he will be starting his next Martial Art in Sept (he’s newly 6 now). He loves indoor skydiving, gymnastics and rock climbing… All single man sports. While he is the first to congratulate his fellow artist or thrill seeker I think he prefers to be in his own mind. He has always been a little unsure of himself, nervous, and painfully shy especially around new people so maybe this explains his love for animals. Maybe I am a mom on the constant search for some sort of answer, an answer to what I don’t really know? My son and daughter are very different people, different right from the core. Maybe I can’t understand why two people who are in the same house made from the same two people can be so different. The logical side of me knows everyone is different and I know many moms would agree that their kids are the same way, but I still search for some sort of answer. Maybe, no not maybe, it hurst me to see him so shy and I feel like he is missing out on so many things because of it. While he is BLOOMING so wonderfully, I guess I still worry. I worry about what is going on in his head, if he’s okay, if he feels different. It’s common to fear what we don’t understand, or am I fearing  a feeling I personally know so well. This is me being a Mom, the only kind of mom I know how to be.

In all facts I am worrying about nothing, he is perfectly fine AS IS.

IMG_2203IMG_2207IMG_2383IMG_2258IMG_2273 IMG_2297 IMG_2364 IMG_2370 IMG_2388IMG_2402


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10 thoughts on “10 on 10 Canadian Edition //July// 2014

  1. I love this post – and from one mama to another, I know and understand your worry ❤ My dd lives in her own mind a LOT, and I worry about her not having close friends or missing out on play dates and parties. Your son definitely has a special gift with animals!!!! Amazing 🙂

  2. love your post. my son is 6 and is desperately wanting to start ‘ninja training’ as he calls it. i will have to pick your brains about where to send him 😉 i’m also trying to figure out where this is?? we seriously need to meet up in person soon!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. The photos tell one story but I really enjoyed and glad you took the time to write what you did as well. Those accomplishments at that age are incredible, wow!! You have a very special little man on your hands, he will keep you in constant amazement I think 😉 ❤ I want to see the photos when you and Maria connect!

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