Dec 18th 2014 | Santa came to visit


On the early morning December 18th 2014 my kids had a special visit with Santa. I had promised my son, who had been anxiously counting down the days, that we would go to the mall and see Santa today. He was worried we wouldn’t get to the mall and Santa wouldn’t know what to bring for him, he has been asking to go for a week now.

Just before school while he was eating his breakfast, still in his PJ’s, Santa walked up the walk way. There was some serious excitement, he needed to talk to santa- badly! He told him all about his achievements, school and all his friends. They shared a plate of oreo cookies, talked about what the reindeer like to eat – so we know what to leave out Christmas Eve.

My daughter really didn’t care much, she watched from afar, but that’s okay. I know she enjoyed her visit too. After Santa read the story, ┬áThe Night Before Christmas, it was time for him to go and Kaleb to go back to school.


Here are a few from the day.

From my house to yours Merry Christmas!





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