Photo credit: Kaleb Carson

Hello, I am Christine. I am a mother and a wife.

I like to capture families having fun, kids exploring and couples in love, people simply doing what they do best. I guess I like being the fly on the wall catching the moments you would never think to at the time. I like to capture the honest moments, the belly laughs, the tears, the pure joy and happiness you feel. I want that, I want you to see you. You are beautiful. My style is raw, honest and unposed. Documentary.

With all that being said, My main goal is to capture/ document my children and their everyday life. I do share mainly my children and I share a lot. It’s almost like my public diary. The images I make are for me, if you love them like I do that is a bonus. Thank you for enjoying.

I am also a volunteer  photographer for the Tiny Light Foundation Tiny Light Foundation

That is a little about me, maybe I will meet you one day.

Christine Jordan



Visit my website here:

Flickr Page: Christine’s Flickr

Or on my FACEBOOK page : Christine Jordan Photography

Photographer Vancouver, BC Canada.

Christine Jordan photography has been featured on :

  • Light inspired featured photographer
  • Evoking you
  • Project 12
  • Beyond the Wanderlust
  • Little Bellows
  • Giggles and goldfish
  • Feature shoot

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