Why our dinner tasted so great.


What is so great about my kitchen helper is that she puts so much love into what she is making that tasting good is the only possible outcome. I have lost that love, dinner is something I whip up after rushing home just to get something, anything, edible on the table. Some days it’s good, some days the whole family sighs at the smell, others I stop right in the  middle and we order take away.

But with her helping I can slow down again. I can enjoy the splashing of sauces and the best mid cooking taste tests. IMG_3781 IMG_3769 IMG_3774 IMG_3772 IMG_3765 IMG_3787 IMG_3786 IMG_3788 IMG_3790 IMG_3793 IMG_3795 IMG_3796 IMG_3797


noah PRINT jan112015-50

Noah is 6 years old.  Noah is nonverbal. Noah has autism.

This post was to be about Autism. But that’s not what it turned out to be. It turned out to be about Noah, who just happens to have autism, and his mom. About 6 months ago my husband said to me “hey, I went to highschool with this girl I think you’d like her, she writes blogs”. I thought because she blogs I’d like her?

Well, he forwarded me a blog where Alisa was talking about her son Noah. It blew me away. He was right, I did like her,  just from reading that one blog post. The way she writes is the way I try to make images. She speaks with purpose, with a vision, and we both try to let people in on a deeper level. Alisa’s writing is  informative, but easy to read , she keeps it on a very personal level. She always willing to be Noah’s voice, and that voice is loud!

I contacted her on Fb to let her know I appreciated her writing and she turned around and said the same thing to me about my images. She mentioned that she loved that I was able to capture not just my children’s faces but capture them as who they honestly are. She also said to me that she has never had anyone able to take photos of Noah and have that personal feeling. We talked more. I needed to know more. I needed to meet this amazing little boy I have read so much about.

On January 11 2015 I was invited into their home to try to capture just a smidgen of who this complex, multi- layered little boy is. I watched and listened to Alisa speak about Noah. With such pride her tired eyes would light up and her smile, oh her smile, all just by saying his name. But I could also hear a deep fear in her voice. And there it was. At one point she said “what if something happened to me?” Being completely realistic and knowing things can happen at any time to anyone of us she also said “Me leaving anytime soon is not an option” as she threw her hands out in the air.

I  know nothing about autism. I had thoughts and now I see obviously false understandings as to what the autism spectrum means. Even after spending a day talking with this incredibly strong woman and documenting Noah I still know nothing about autism. However, I do know a little more about a smart, funny, and very connected little boy.

Alisa knows why Noah is in her life and she is truly grateful. I know we are here to teach and help our children but if you let them they have plenty to teach us too. Most of the time we are so busy living day by day you forget that there is not only one way to look at this world, it’s not all black and white. noah jan112015-2 Noah getting his arms creamed, this is done to relieve the itch. noah jan112015-1 Balls. Noah’s favourite. He bounced and bounced the whole time I was there. noah jan112015-3 He takes his mom by the hand and tells her what he wants, push of the arm is no. noah jan112015-10 When he looks for something to eat in the fridge, he wants his back tickled. noah jan112015-28 And his legs squeezed. Alisa is happy to provide this comfort. I noticed he went to the fridge just for this. noah jan112015-12 noah jan112015-11 900x415 noah jan112015-17noah jan112015-20noah jan112015-19 I asked if my camera was too much for him, he looked concerned. He was curious. He later took some photos of his mom himself. noah jan112015-18

noah jan112015-48   downstairs He wanted downstairs. noah jan112015-45 After a quick lay down and some music to reset the mood, Noah was back. noah jan112015-32 Another game of ball. noah jan112015-34 noah jan112015-16 noah jan112015-38noah jan112015-47 Noah took mom’s hand and mine and pulled us down the hallway to her room then.. closed the door. Two seconds later he opened the door and she yelled SURPRISE! – exactly what he wanted. noah jan112015-35 noah jan112015-36 He walked us back to Alisa’s room over and over, sometimes for play but this time he needed some cuddles. noah jan112015-37noah jan112015-40 noah jan112015-41 noah jan112015-44

Spring happiness

Spring is FINALLY starting to show its face around here, thank goodness. For anyone who knows me I am a pansy when it come to cold/cool weather, I so badly need light and the warm golden sun. On our adventure we got to  see that the salmon are back and the little wild flowers are blooming… it’s just so fresh, definitely a time of year I look forward to… every fall. If I didn’t have kids I really could just skip winter entirely.  We are lucky enough have a gorgeous green belt as a back yard that leads to a school park that the kids just love. What is even more cool?  My son has a car, a dodge charger that he drives his sister to the park in. To them they are driving, they are in control and seriously cool…. of course! You can hear the giggles, the belly laughter and good times from a mile away. They put smiles on every stranger we pass, and of course they are always reminded how awesome they are. While these images are just some redundant random photos of an 1 1/2  hours of our evening, it’s what my family is all about; Fun. Love. Togetherness. Happiness. Family.

And for those who do not know; I am a Canadian photographer, and if you have never been here this is what spring looks like in Vancouver BC Canada. Hope you enjoy a look into our evening. IMG_8238 IMG_8246IMG_8259IMG_8269IMG_829211 blog collageIMG_8297 copy


IMG_8301IMG_8307IMG_8318 IMG_8327 IMG_8333 IMG_8329 IMG_8321

IMG_8328 IMG_8342

IMG_8366 IMG_8368

My face

Me. I am Mother, a wife and a photographer. I love art and adore photography, it’s my quiet time and my therapy.  I love hard, I always feel it in my heart. I have been told I am somewhat eccentric, I agree. I am shy but outspoken. I am new to being in front of the camera but I need to be, though I am uncomfortable now  I will continue. I am me. I know I am not perfect but that’s okay. My kids are my everything and my worries tell me so. I am a mother.



IMG_6256 copy IMG_6321 IMG_6329

IMG_6330web copyIMG_6268-2

His Face

His face, the little boy who made me a mother. The first time he gazed into my eyes I knew my life was going where it needed to go. The way he looks at me just melts my heart. He taught me what love meant… but not just love, the love only a parent can feel. The I would do absolutely anything for you, head over heels, I will worry about you forever, bursting in love- kind of love.  He is funny. He is full of compassion. He is a good friend. He is shy, but blooming wonderfully. He is a huge animal lover. He is a loving son and a great big brother. He is all what is right in this world.

I love you all the way around the whole universe and back.



Christmas in February.

For Kaleb and Madz Christmas presents from grandpa and grandma Jo came in the last week of January. GIFT CARDS. The last week and a half we all had the flu and didn’t want to get out of the bed never mind the house. But anyone knows with kids the flu doesn’t mean much when you have a TOYS R US gift card. Kaleb waited ever so patiently for all of us to feel somewhat human. Today was the day, lets go! OH, the choices, the mass amount of colourful things to choose from… the decisions. Madz was on the hunt for Dora like i knew she would. Kaleb has been eyeballing the new batman DS3 game, did i say that right? We have a happy household. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Jo!




IMG_5002IMG_5005IMG_5013IMG_5008IMG_5010IMG_5011IMG_5016IMG_5018IMG_5019IMG_5027 IMG_5036IMG_5038IMG_5053 IMG_5058