Why our dinner tasted so great.


What is so great about my kitchen helper is that she puts so much love into what she is making that tasting good is the only possible outcome. I have lost that love, dinner is something I whip up after rushing home just to get something, anything, edible on the table. Some days it’s good, some days the whole family sighs at the smell, others I stop right in the  middle and we order take away.

But with her helping I can slow down again. I can enjoy the splashing of sauces and the best mid cooking taste tests. IMG_3781 IMG_3769 IMG_3774 IMG_3772 IMG_3765 IMG_3787 IMG_3786 IMG_3788 IMG_3790 IMG_3793 IMG_3795 IMG_3796 IMG_3797

My face

Me. I am Mother, a wife and a photographer. I love art and adore photography, it’s my quiet time and my therapy.  I love hard, I always feel it in my heart. I have been told I am somewhat eccentric, I agree. I am shy but outspoken. I am new to being in front of the camera but I need to be, though I am uncomfortable now  I will continue. I am me. I know I am not perfect but that’s okay. My kids are my everything and my worries tell me so. I am a mother.



IMG_6256 copy IMG_6321 IMG_6329

IMG_6330web copyIMG_6268-2

His Face

His face, the little boy who made me a mother. The first time he gazed into my eyes I knew my life was going where it needed to go. The way he looks at me just melts my heart. He taught me what love meant… but not just love, the love only a parent can feel. The I would do absolutely anything for you, head over heels, I will worry about you forever, bursting in love- kind of love.  He is funny. He is full of compassion. He is a good friend. He is shy, but blooming wonderfully. He is a huge animal lover. He is a loving son and a great big brother. He is all what is right in this world.

I love you all the way around the whole universe and back.