Spring happiness

Spring is FINALLY starting to show its face around here, thank goodness. For anyone who knows me I am a pansy when it come to cold/cool weather, I so badly need light and the warm golden sun. On our adventure we got to  see that the salmon are back and the little wild flowers are blooming… it’s just so fresh, definitely a time of year I look forward to… every fall. If I didn’t have kids I really could just skip winter entirely.  We are lucky enough have a gorgeous green belt as a back yard that leads to a school park that the kids just love. What is even more cool?  My son has a car, a dodge charger that he drives his sister to the park in. To them they are driving, they are in control and seriously cool…. of course! You can hear the giggles, the belly laughter and good times from a mile away. They put smiles on every stranger we pass, and of course they are always reminded how awesome they are. While these images are just some redundant random photos of an 1 1/2  hours of our evening, it’s what my family is all about; Fun. Love. Togetherness. Happiness. Family.

And for those who do not know; I am a Canadian photographer, and if you have never been here this is what spring looks like in Vancouver BC Canada. Hope you enjoy a look into our evening. IMG_8238 IMG_8246IMG_8259IMG_8269IMG_829211 blog collageIMG_8297 copy


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IMG_8328 IMG_8342

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“Picture Me Project”

Me and my son making cookies
Me and my son making cookies
Me and my daughter prep-ing green beans for dinner
Me and my daughter prep-ing green beans for dinner
making cookies
making cookies
My daughter sharing her ice cream with me
My daughter sharing her ice cream with  me  

christine jordan photography

My 52 week project.

Everyone seems to be doing a  project, whether it be a 52 or 365 or a certain goal. I wanted in… i wanted to do something to push myself too. Oh…. so I thought, ok, I take so many photos that i can easily do a 52 week project probably even a 365 project. But i wanted to do something that made my stomach turn a little. I wanted the “what are you thinking” feeling.

This whole project is just me thinking out loud so please bear with me. When the idea came to me I had to jump right on it or i might of chickened out.

I recently cleaned out my hard drive and printed 589 photos. I was in ONE. How sad for my kids, i simply do not exist. I need to change that and i have said this many many times. So maybe if i say it out loud it will actually get done? If i start a page i have no choice, right? At a client session i often have to talk mom into being in the photo, I hear “oh no, not me…. just the kids” But where i am in my own photos? I also know there are a lot of you photographers that feel the same way, so i am asking you to join me in my “picture me” photo challenge.  I will post one photo a week. Join in whenever you like stay for as long as you like. Remember, they don’t have to be ‘client perfect’, i don’t even care if you comb your hair that day. Take a photo with your kids, with your spouse, your partner, your dog or even a self portrait. Just be in the frame at least ONCE A WEEK. I need to do this and i am pretty sure you need to too.

This is not about strict deadlines nor is it to be a burden. It’s just to get you thinking and in the photos more. Just look at it like a friendly reminder we need to see more of YOU. You keep track of your weeks so we all have our 52 weeks no matter when we start.

I also encourage you to do a blog post now or when you are done, celebrate YOU like you would your clients and your own family.

Whether you decide to just hang out and watch for a while or jump right in, thank you for joining in.

-Chrissy Jordan, Christine Jordan Photography

I have help from my dear friend Lisa from Images by Lisa Warren.

Well, here i am. And i am here to stay!

JOIN ME, I am going to need some encouragement…. and company. We can all inspire and motivate each other.

Head over to my Facebook page The Picture Me Project. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Picture-Me-Project/247359655430074?ref=hl